The content on this site aims to help you navigate a career in tech. Specifically, it is aimed towards aspiring software engineers, product managers, UX/UI designers and centered around career development  within tech start-ups. More specifically, if you consider yourself an underdog, you are in the right place and amongst welcome company. Frankly, if you aren't, I don't know why you would need my advice. I never was a front runner and you got a different game to play friend. If you are, there are plenty of options and resources out there that will help you succeed.  

But if you are starting out like me with:

  • No credibility
  • No pedigree
  • No network

I aim to provide you with all the tools, tips, and techniques that helped me build my career. You will find a mix of high-level mindset strategy and perspective setting to tactical procedural advice. To be honest, the lessons I learned are not fresh, new or game changing. I've learned them by struggling to survive professionally. I realized through false starts, stalling plateaus, that I had fundamental gaps in skill, capability, and general awareness in comparison to my higher qualified peers.

Straight-up I'm a product of asian immigrant upbringing. It comes with both pros & cons. One of the clear con is that I was not told, taught, or trained on how to operate and thrive within a corporate professional setting. These are all my learnings based on books I've read and actual observations of people who were operating at a higher level across every level. Here are the general high level stratagems. In future posts I will explain, break-down and exemplify with practical applications.

High Level Stratagems

  1. Play the long game
  2. Get specific
  3. Focus on the inputs
  4. Do the work
  5. Alignment makes allies
  6. If it is to be, its up to me
  7. Be a professional
  8. Ego is the enemy

Additionally, I'll cover my experience as a manager. I'll share my perspective from the other side  of the interviewing table as a hiring manager. You'll get an insight into my learnings on people management and team building. I share a few secrets and cover tips and techniques you can employ to help you improve your interview performance or help you jump up into a career in management.

If  you are a bootcamp grad, recent college grad, someone yearning to make a career shift, you are in welcome company. I will teach you the basics I've learned. Take what I learned, do it better, faster. Strive and thrive. If what you find here was any use to reach out on twitter @patrickskim and let me know. I'd love to hear from you.